sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010

segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Call Center Nightmare

I made this sketch  during  my  horrifying call-center experience...argh.

sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

A Really Small Castle

I start with a tiny one...

quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Random Words 2

The other day the sound of a piano in seagulls wings whispering, almost unheard…

The timing of nature… reflex of music in a controversial way… The waves on the river sang along the piano’s tears, I watched the sun penetrate the far ocean…

Within’ the seagull’s clumsy flight, the choir of waves and the sad piano, man ran like blood in a mad machine veins…so far from this tiny details that could in fact change his life…even for a second…he would fell empty but great inside.

The Manga Frustration...1

This is a draw I did for my avatar on a forum I use to go.
It came out from a moment of deep boredom, in one hour I had it drawn, then I tried to color it on photoshop...(I hate photoshop...!)...that lead me to boredom again and I didn't finished it...maybe one day...

quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Random Words 1

In deep fear of suffering waves, man runs from is own soul and nature.
Man as normal as many men, thought for one small second, they could fulfil such destiny, as the freedom of thought…

Such an illusion…Such hope…
They say we have free speech…that we can express in every way we know… but all I see is a deep manipulation of pure minds, corrupted by a selfish mind, conscience, identity, creature…no other then man itself.

We create our demons and angels, our heaven and hell, but wouldn’t this be it, what we so call, this infamous state…, the present?
Hell without heaven makes no sense, so why should it be a heaven without hell?

No wonder men lost his ways… no wonder…

I sometimes ask myself the meaning of such thoughts…complex simplicity of words…so many meanings…such limited communication.

I wonder if the world would be a better place without the human race…


"Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them."

Boredom is a constant state of mind for me, most of the times it is frustrating...
From classrooms to appointments, workplaces and transports...Boredom as been like a close friend...I deal with it for so long that I'm trying to use it as "something" I didn't find yet.

So at this moment I'm at work, breaking the "no internet" rule...Looking for a way to express some good and bad stuff that boredom brings.

At the same time I got a blanc paper in front of me...I want to draw...but I don't know what...Blocked with all the stupidity that is to work in a callcenter...where expression becomes torture.

This blog will work as a scketch book, scrap book, crap book...well...Whatever comes from boredom.